Italian national anthem resounded beneath the Český Krumlov Castle


The 5th New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov, a unique competition for alternative energy vehicles, is over. This South Bohemia regularity driving test that was included in the World Cup for the first time ever, has been honoured by the visit of the FIA President Jean Todt at its beginning. It was him who flagged off one section of the Concentration Leg and also the entire competition in Český Krumlov on Thursday, May 29.

“I am pleased to have flagged off this rallye and to have been given a warm welcome by all the participating parties. I wish to congratulate the organizers and ÚAMK for the successfully managed event and thank them for the program they prepared for my visit to Český Krumlov, “ said FIA President Jean Todt.

The man who stood by the side of Michael Schumacher when he won five World Champion titles in Formula One supports, besides road safety, also new technologies from the very beginning of his days as a FIA President. „For this reason it is a huge success that he could see with his own eyes the strong entry list of New Energies Rallye in Český Krumlov,“ said Oldřich Vaníček, President of ÚAMK. “The visit of Jean Todt means a culmination of many-year long efforts and a huge satisfaction for all organizers from Český Krumlov,“ added Karel Mach from the organizing team, ČK motorsport.

51 couples passed the Administrative and Technical Checks. They faced demanding tests where they had to maintain the set average speed which often wasn’t easy. The drivers visited among others also the Exhibition grounds (Výstaviště) in České Budějovice on Friday, on Saturday they raced prior to the “sharp“ run of Lipno SS of Rallye Český Krumlov. Besides that, they drove through another 6 regularity tests during the two-day event.

From the very beginning, the Italian crew Nicola Ventura – Guido Guerrini on an electric Renault Zoe ranked among the best ones. At the end, they drove on the finish ramp in Jelení Garden in Český Krumlov on the first place. “The race was really demanding. Despite our small mistakes we have brought home an excellent result – our first victory with this car. The finish podium with our national anthem and sparkling wine soaking our apparel from head to toe, it was simply fantastic. Many organizers in Italy should learn from this competition. The event culminated with an incredible party with fireworks,“ praised the Italian pilot the event.

A real surprise was the second place overall by local crew Otta Kovařík / Petr Smutný who held a Road Book in their hands in Český Krumlov for the first time. “I was really pleased by New Energies Rallye. Splendid organisation, pleasant atmosphere, perfectly prepared tracks and a healthy competition spirit. I appreciate that literally everybody can take part in this race and it is by far not as financially demanding as a traditional rallye. And first of all, it is safe. If you like cars, races and a bit of adrenaline, we should meet at the start next year!“ said the best Czech participant, the winner of ÚAMK Czech Trophy, Otta Kovařík.

The final prizegiving beneath the Český Krumlov Castle enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere as always. Just to make the results complete, it needs to be added that the category VII & VIII for Other Alternative Energy Vehicles was governed by František Vahala with Ondřej Kroutil who represented Audi ČR with A3 Sportback g-tron.

Both FIA observers were also leaving fully satisfied – Head of Stewards François Monath and Technical Delegate Carlos Funes. Let’s hope that their impressions from their visit to South Bohemia will be reflected in the overall rating and next year the New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov will be again a part of the FIA Alternative Energies Cup calendar.

“Our ambitions after the World Cup premiere are definitely not lower. We are already making plans for the next year. I believe the positive response from crews will help in attracting more participants and in a better promotion of the event that definitely deserves attention,“ concludes Pavel Kacerovský, Clerk of the Course for the New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov.

Text: Petr Šulčík and Pavel Kacerovský
Photo: Petr Skřivánek