New Energies Rallye a part of the World Championship again


This unique competition for alternative enegy cars will be included in the World Championship calendar again. The 6th New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov shall take place on May 18-20, 2017. The sport event held in the unspoilt countryside of South Bohemia with the primary aim of pure mobility promotion, will undergo several changes compared to the last year.

Like in the preceding years, the organizers from ČK motorsport and ÚAMK will organize the international competition for electric, hybrid and natural gas cars in parallel with the classic rally. „This variant is extremely demanding from the organizing point of view but if we wish to promote the future of motoring, we must exploit the crowds of spectators visiting Rallye Český Krumlov annually,“ Pavel Kacerovský, Clerk of the Course, explains the logical reason for connecting both the events.

The participants of the New Energies Rallye always appreciate the atmosphere of the “big” event when they can drive through places where the fastest domestic rally pilots fight for podium positions. Especially they enjoy the Special Stage at the České Budějovice Exhibition Grounds.  “There will be no change this year. We are preparing the track for the ecologic competition with respect to the itinerary and time schedule of the traditional rally. Due to regulation changes for the World Championship, this time natural gas cars will have the same track as electric cars,“ reveals Kacerovský the intentions of the organizing team.

5th New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov 2016 podium.

Electric cars in the first place

In 2017, the World Championship will be called FIA Electric and New Energy Championship and will be organized exclusively for electric powered cars. The 11-event series of regularity e-rallyes will be held, besides the Czech Republic, also in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, San Marino, Greece, Monaco and Switzerland. Points will be awarded only to drivers of electric, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles (fuel cell is an electrochemical device capable of generating electric energy from hydrogen and an oxidizer – i.e. oxygen or air).

The widely represented category of CNG cars, dominated namely by SEAT in the last years, will not be left out. More on the topic from the Clerk of the Course, Pavel Kacerovský: “We will organize a so called Organizers Cup for cars powered by CNG and others, so that the crews will be able to take part in a full-fledged competition, they will just not win points for the World Championship. This way they will be stripped of several duties ensuing from FIA rules, for example the necessity to leave the car in parc fermé between separate legs. More free rules will also partially apply to drivers of electric cars who will not wish to fight for World Championship points.

6th New Energies Rallye Český Krumlov 2017 will start Thursday, May 18 in the morning by a Concentration leg from the South Bohemian town of Tábor and Austrian Freistadt. After reaching Český Krumlov the crews will pass Administrative Checks and Scrutineering in Brewery Garden (Pivovarská zahrada). During Friday and Saturday they will compete for the best results on the track of several demanding regularity stages. Besides Český Krumlov, other important points on the track will be also the Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště) in České Budějovice and a modern ski resort at Lipno nad Vltavou. Participants will enjoy extensive sideshow, incl. the opening gala evening in the five-star Hotel Růže.

Details concerning the competition that will represent the 4th event of FIA Electric and New Energy Championship 2017, after two competitions in Italy and one in Spain, can be followed on the official website of the event

Contact the Organizer:

Pavel Kacerovský
Clerk of the Course

Phone: +420 728 547 505