Czech New Energies Rallye in a new format in 2019


The organizing teams of ČK motorsport and ÚAMK South Bohemia Rally Club are preparing fairly significant changes for the 8th Czech New Energies Rallye that will be held May 16-18, 2019.

Like in the previous 3 seasons, the event will be a part of the World Cup for electric cars, however besides the traditional results reached in the regularity tests, for the first time in 2019 the crews will obtain points based also on the amount of consumed energy, following the rules set by FIA.

It is still valid that every holder of a driving licence and a corresponding vehicle powered by electricity, CNG, LPG or any other alternative energy source may take part.

The prestige of events included in the FIA Electric and New Energy Championship calendars will be newly established by a coefficient. “We are trying to obtain the highest possible coefficient, for this reason we are preparing a demanding 3-day event with a road book containing over 600 km of total route length,” confirms Pavel Kacerovský, Clerk of the Course for the 8th Czech New Energies Rally.

Further details will be published by the organizing ÚAMK South Bohemia Rally Club on the official website for the rally,, not later than in February.

Photo: Petr Skřivánek